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Wireless signal repeater


Wireless signal repeater


Extends the wireless transmission range of the Trust Switch-in transmitter to 30 metres.

  • Can be placed anywhere indoors and outdoors
  • Can increase the range of up to 6 transmitting codes
  • Long battery life (battery not included)
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The AEX-701 wireless signal amplifier or repeater repeats the signal of a Trust Switch-in transmitter, allowing you to increase the transmission range by up to 30 metres. Ideal to reach a receiver located in the back of the garden. You can place this transmitter anywhere, both indoors and outdoors (IP56), without the hassle of installation wires. The transmitter runs on batteries.

If you notice that a certain transmission code of, for example, your Trust Switch-in remote control does not always control the linked receiver then you can use this signal amplifier to ensure that the receiver can be operated as desired. You report the relevant transmission code of the remote control to the signal amplifier. Every time you send the corresponding on or off signal with the remote control, the signal amplifier will pick up this transmission code and send it again.

In total, you can register up to 6 transmitter codes per AEX-701 signal amplifier. If you want to repeat more than 6 transmit codes, you need to choose multiple repeaters. It is not possible to register one transmit code with multiple repeaters.

The AEX-701 can be combined with all Trust Switch-in transmitters with the automatic code system (product code starts with an A, like AYCT-102, ATMT-502, etc.). This way you can also increase the transmission range of the Smart Bridge. This transmitter uses radio frequency 433.92 Mhz technology. The signal passes through walls, windows and doors, with a range of up to 30 metres.

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100 x 100 x 38mm


2x 1,5 V AA alkaline

Inhoud verpakking

Draadloze signaalrepeater + handleiding


Product line

Controlling multiple groups of lamps


Works with existing fixed switch

Product type

2-way status feedback

Transmission range

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From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

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