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Plug & play

Ready to use sets

Sets for indoor and outdoor use

Control your lighting remotely

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

Prefabricated solutions
Trust switch-in sets are ready-made sets consisting of a transmitter and one or more receivers. One of the most common combinations is the socket switch set, consisting of three intermediate plugs and a 3-channel remote control to switch three different wired lamps or appliances.

There are also different doorbell sets where you can choose between a doorbell/chime for the socket or a wireless doorbell with batteries. These sets also include a wireless push button. If you want to continue using your existing push button because you have a beautiful design push button on the door, for example, then choose the doorbell set with transmitter.

Expand your smart home
Like all Trust switch-in products, the sets are easy to expand. So simply connect a wall switch or motion detector to one of your smart sockets, or add an extra push button to your doorbell set to add a bell to both the front and back door.

Outdoor solutions
Do you need a ready-made Trust Outdoor Switch-in Set? With the Outdoor Switch-in Set you can control two outdoor lights (or appliances) remotely. Want to control more devices? The outdoor plug-in switches are also available separately and can be connected to any transmitter.

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