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Smart Bridge

Control Station

Smart Bridge

Control Station

The Smart Bridge is the basis for your smart home! Download the free app, connect all your KlikAanKlikUit devices to it and control everything – from lighting to appliances to electric window coverings – with your smartphone or even your voice.

Set timers and scenes to fully automate your smart home as you wish or combine different KlikAanKlikUit devices in a smart rule to let them work together. For example, the lights go on when the smart smoke detector goes off.

If you use smart detectors or contact sensors, you will also receive push notifications in case of fire, burglary or a carbon monoxide leak. This way, you are immediately informed in case of an emergency and can take immediate action.

  • Use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control for all your connected lights and devices
  • Works with KlikAanKlikUit Start-Line transmitters and receivers and Premium products
  • Also works with Zigbee certified lights from Philips Hue, Ikea TRÅDFRI, Lidl Smart Home and others
  • Link Somfy RTS and MotionBlinds to control your electric curtains, shutters or blinds with the KlikAanKlikUit app
  • Secure your home with Premium sensors and receive push notifications on your smartphone or tablet in case of fire, co-leakage or open doors and windows
  • Prevent standby power and save energy by switching off your devices with handy timers
  • Set up smart rules and scenes and automate all your lights and devices just the way you want
  • Combine different KlikanKlikUit devices in one rule and let them work together
  • Free app for Android and iOS
  • Sustainable housing made from 75% recycled plastic
  • Secure communication with AES encryption and SSL
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From smart solutions to a Smart home
Thanks to the Smart Bridge you can make your Trust Switch-in devices smart by connecting them with the free Trust Switch-in Smart Homeapp. This way you operate your dimmers with your smartphone from now on or automate your ceiling lamps by adding timers to your built-in dimmers.

The Smart Bridge offers space for all your Trust Switch-in devices, which you can divide into different rooms. This way you can easily add all your lights and devices and all the rooms in your house to the app.

Automate your smart home with scenes & rules
Program actions that you can switch on or off with one touch of a button. For example, create a ‘relaxing scene’ where the lights in the living room are dimmed by 50% and the curtains close automatically.

Or use rules to execute actions when triggered. For example, automatically switch off the boiler when the carbon monoxide detector goes off, let the doorbell ring when there is movement or switch on the light when a window is opened.

Reduce standby power
Many appliances in your home are not used for most of the day, but still consume energy because they are constantly on standby. Your smart TV, radio, game computer and even modem can be turned off completely for a large part of the day (especially at night).

Set handy timers for your smart plugs in the Trust Switch-in app and switch your standby devices completely off at fixed times. That way you can save more than 100 euros per year. Your Smart Bridge will earn itself back in no time.

At home anywhere
Wherever you are, with the Trust Switch-in Smart Home app you have access to your smart home.
So you can switch off the lights remotely if you forgot to turn them off. Or turn your lights on at night from your holiday address to scare away unwanted visitors. Of course, you can easily automate this using timers. So you can go out with an easy mind.

Smart protection in case of fire and a carbon monoxide leak
Secure your home with smart smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and smart sensors from Trust Switch-in and you will receive a push notification on your smartphone in case of emergency. This way you are always immediately informed and can take action quickly to prevent worse.

Want to go one step further? Then combine your security devices with other Trust Switch-in devices – such as smart plugs – and give your notification a smart consequence.
For example, you turn on all the lights when the smoke detector goes off or you switch off the boiler when the carbon monoxide detector detects a dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide.

This way you add extra safety to your home or office and can concentrate on what is important at that moment.

Connect with other smart brands 
Do you have Zigbee-certified lights from other smart brands in your home, for example from Philips Hue (except Entertainment mode and Apple Homekit), Lidl Smart Home or IKEA TRÅDFRI? These can be controlled and automated with the Trust Switch-in app without any problems.

In addition, it is possible to connect smart window coverings of MotionBlinds and Somfy RTS to your KlikAanKlikUit system and you can control them with the Trust Switch-in Smart Home app.

Your electric curtains, blinds and shutters can be controlled in percentages (0-100%), so you can open, close and tilt them very accurately. You can also add them to a scene or line, for example, to start a ‘movie night’ where your lights dim and the curtains close automatically.

* Hue Entertainment mode and Apple Homekit are not supported.

Your voice as a remote control
The Smart Bridge works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa and enables voice control. You control your lights and appliances with simple voice commands like “Hey Google, dim the kitchen lights to 50%” or “Alexa, turn on all lights”.

Also your connected lights and devices from other brands, such as Philips Hue or electric window coverings from MotionBlinds, can be controlled with your voice.

Good for you, good for the planet
At Trust Switch-in we like to do our bit by making our products as sustainable as possible. That is why during the development of the Smart Bridge we chose a housing that consists of 75% recycled plastic and we also minimised the use of plastic in the packaging.

In addition, Trust Switch-in works as much as possible with FSC certified printing companies to ensure that our packaging is produced as sustainably as possible.


Additional information


Control Station


133 x 108 x 30mm


Lichtnet (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz). Stekkeradapter is meegeleverd

Inhoud verpakking

– Smart Bridge
– Voedingsadapter
– Ethernetkabel
– Handleiding


Product line


Product type


Transmission range

Apple iTunes App id


Google Play App id


Controlling multiple groups of lamps


2-way status feedback


For operation of

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From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

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