About us

About Trust Switch-in

Clever living through smart Switch-in

Trust Switch-in makes a smart home accessible. With a wide range of affordable and wireless products, it is possible to easily control or even automate your home – from lighting to curtains to security – from one app.

How it works

1. What is the situation?

Would you like to make your favourite lamp intelligent or automate the electric window covering?

2. Select your receiver

For every lamp and every device there are build-in and plug-in receivers that make them smart.

3. Select your station

Control your receiver with a transmitter of your choice. Froma remote control to a wireless wall switch.

4. Start with smart control

Pair the transmitter and receiver and your smart light or device is ready for use.

Slim bedienen

Bedien al je lampen en apparaten vanaf iedere locatie, gewoon met je smartphone.

Slim besparen

Verminder het sluipverbruik in huis en bespaar op je energierekening.

Slim beveiligen

Direct op de hoogte bij noodgevallen dankzij pushmeldingen op je smartphone.

De voordelen van KlikAanKlikUit

makkelik te insyalleren



alles bedienen / altijd oplossing


Make everything smart

Smart solutions for all your lamps and appliances.

Control it your way

A suitable transmitter for every living situation.

Smart security

You will receive a notification in case of smoke or unwanted visitors.

New and existing installations

With Trust Switch-in, you can make any house smart!



Planning a move or renovation? Switch to smart.

A renovation or a move is a good time to switch to a smart home.

If you have bought new lamps or even created a whole lighting plan, decide for each lamp how you want to operate it - for example with a wall switch, remote control or a contact sensor - and whether you want to switch or dim. You can also use several types of switches for one lamp (or appliance). Then you choose the right receiver for your lamps (or devices) and your new devices are ready to be operated remotely.

Do you find out right after the renovation that you forgot to install a light point? No problem, you can hang the wireless wall switches anywhere without having to draw new wires. This way, you do not have to re-cut the freshly plastered wall.

If you want to go from smart solutions to a real smart home, link all your Trust Switch-in devices to the app using the Smart Bridge and manage all your lights and devices on your smartphone.



For a smart home, you don't have to move.

Convert your house into a smart home? With Trust Switch-in, you can make any house smart, without complicated installations or converting or moving existing switches and light points.

If you add wireless wall switches or other transmitters to your lighting system, the existing (wired) wall switches remain functional. There is no need to replace or remove them.

Link all your Trust Switch-in devices to the app using the Smart Bridge and manage all your lights and devices on your smartphone.