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Everything for wireless control.

Control lighting remotely

Always a wireless solution

Control everything with your smartphone





Showing all 44 results

Showing all 44 results

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

Affordable smart home solutions
Trust Switch-in offers affordable smart home solutions to control lighting, electric curtains, blinds and other electrical devices.

You decide how smart you want your home to be. You can already start with remote control by combining a remote control with a plug-in switch or a built-in switch, for example. In the future, you can switch on your lamp or appliance from the comfort of your armchair.

Turn your lighting into smart lighting
Existing lamps and appliances can easily be made smart with the Trust switch-in principle: Transmitter + receiver = wireless switching. First, choose how you want to operate your lights and/or appliances. For example, opt for a remote control to switch and dim the lights from the sofa, or choose a wireless wall switch or dimmer to add an extra switch to any desired location in the house. You don’t need to connect or run any cables. Use the double-sided adhesive tape supplied to attach the wireless switch. It is also possible to combine different transmitters and existing wired switches simply remain functional.

Once you have decided on a transmitter, select the receivers that are suitable for your living situation. Use plug-in switches and dimmers for all luminaires or appliances with plugs or choose built-in modules for pendant, wall and ceiling lamps and other appliances.

A smart home is easy to master
Trust Switch-in makes a smart home accessible to everyone. With a wide range of affordable transmitters and receivers, you can remotely control all the lights and appliances in your home and garden. Installing Trust Switch-in devices is very easy: no cables need to be pulled, Trust Switch-in products are battery-powered and can therefore be placed anywhere. Built-in modules – built-in switches and dimmers, e.g. for pendant lights, ceiling lamps or ceiling fans – can be easily connected and concealed.

Your whole house in one app
Want to move from smart solutions to a true smart home? The Smart Bridge allows you to control all your Trust switch-in devices with the app, no matter where you are. Set timers and rules to automate your lights – ideal when you’re out and about and want to simulate being at home – and get push notifications on your phone when your smoke alarm goes off or when your leak detector detects a leak. You can even set actions. For example, if you combine a smart socket with the smart carbon monoxide detector, your boiler will automatically switch off when your carbon monoxide detector’s alarm is triggered.

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