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Remote control with wall mounting


Remote control with wall mounting


A wall switch and remote control in one! Place the holder on the wall in your living room, next to your bed or wherever you like and control several lamps or devices individually or simultaneously. If you prefer to sit down when you want to switch on the lights, take the remote control out of the holder and operate your lights from the comfort of your sofa.

Combine the AYCT-303 with KlikAanKlikUit plug-in switches and/or modules and switch (and dim) all your electrical devices with one remote control.

Can be used as a wall switch and remote control

  • Operate lamps or appliances in 4 separately controllable channels
  • Operate all linked lamps and devices at the same time with the convenient group function
  • Simple switching and dimming with the same button
  • Magnetic wall mount for easy attachment of the remote control to the wall
  • Transmission range up to 50 metres
  • Battery included


Do you have doubts about whether you should choose a wall switch or a remote control? Why not just do both? The stylish AYCT-303 remote control converts into a wall switch in no time at all, thanks to its magnetic mounting plate.

The switch has four separately controllable channels and a group button to switch multiple lamps and devices at once.

Simple switching and dimming with one button

If you have plug-in dimmers or flush-mounted dimmers connected to your remote control, you can also use them as dimmers. Press and hold the button for the right channel for easy, stepless dimming. Press the left side of the button to make the lamp brighter, press the right side to dim the lamp. The same buttons are also used to switch your lamps on and off by just a short press.

Operate individually or as a group
With this Start-Line remote control, you can easily operate several lamps at the same time. Use up to four channels to switch lamps on and off or dim them, or use the smart group function to switch all lamps on and off at the same time.

Never lose your remote control
Thanks to the magnetic wall holder, you’ll never have to search for your remote for ages. Just attach the wall holder anywhere in the house and place the remote control in the wall holder after use. Always tidy, never lost!

Compatibility with Start-Line products
This remote control is part of the Trust Switch-in Start-line. This means that this remote control can be combined with other Start-line devices. For example, link the AYCT-303 to a built-in dimmer, plug-in switch or plug-in dimmer to operate these remotely.

From smart solutions to a Smart Home
With the Smart Bridge (or the Internet Control Station) you lay the basis for your smart home. Link all your Trust Switch-in products to the Bridge and operate everything – from lighting to electric curtains – with your smartphone or tablet. Or set your own timers, rules and scenes to fully automate your system. For example, the lights go on at night when you’re on holiday and the boiler is switched off when the CO detector detects a carbon monoxide leak.


Additional information






110 x 60 x 15 mm


1x 3V lithiumbatterij type CR2032 (meegeleverd)

Inhoud verpakking

– Afstandsbediening met muurbevestiging
– Batterij
– Magnetische muurbevestiging
– Montagemateriaal
– Nederlandse gebruikershandleiding




Meerdere groepen lampen aansturen


Werkt met bestaande vaste schakelaar


2-weg status terugkoppeling

Aantal kanalen

4 + Groepskanaal

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Van slim bedienen naar een smart home.​

Jouw hele huis in één app.

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