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Wireless doorbells

More than just a doorbell.

Wireless: can be placed anywhere

Choose from 6 melodies

Can be combined with motion detectors

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

Choose the melody that suits you.
A Trust Switch-in doorbell has 6 built-in melodies. Choose your favourite or – if you use the doorbell in combination with several wireless pushbuttons – assign different melodies to the individual pushbuttons. So when the doorbell rings, you know immediately which door you need to be at.

More than one doorbell.
It is possible to connect motion detectors or window/door contact sensors to the KlikAanKlikUit intelligent wireless doorbells. This way, the bell rings when someone passes by or when a window or door is opened. Choose a melody yourself so you know if the bell is ringing or if an uninvited guest is nearby. This way, your doorbell becomes an addition to your smart security.

Notifications on your smartphone.
Combine your doorbell(set) with the Smart Bridge to use the bell with the Trust Switch-in app. When the bell rings, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet.

Silent doorbell.
Turn off the sound of your smart doorbell at certain times and make sure you only receive a notification on your smartphone in the evening. That way you know the bell is ringing without hearing it. Ideal when small children are sleeping, for example.

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