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Smart socket switch


Smart socket switch


Make your lighting smart! With this smart socket switch you can control your lamp or device from now on with your smartphone, even when you’re not at home. The plug makes use of two-way communication via Zigbee, so that you can always see in the Trust Switch-in app whether your lamp (or device) is on or off.

  • Feedback thanks to Zigbee: always know if your lamp or device is on or off
  • Compact design
  • For lamps and devices up to 3500 Watts
  • Two-way communication: switches lamps or devices on/off and confirms the status
  • Control with smartphone when connected to a Smart Bridge or direct control with ZYCT-202 remote control
  • ON/OFF button on switch to manually control your lamp or device as well
  • Save energy by setting timers to switch devices off automatically
  • Socket with protective earth and child protection
  • Please note: to use the smart socket switch, you need to use the Smart Bridge
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Make it smart!
This Trust Switch-in plug switch makes your lighting smart. Connect your lamp or device to the smart plug and control it with the Trust Switch-in app on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

Always sure that your lamp is off!
Thanks to Zigbee the smart plug switch confirms the status of your lamp or device on your phone. So you are 100% sure that your lamp is really off, even when you are not at home.

Go on holiday with an easy mind.
Make it seem as if someone is always at home by switching on your lights automatically in the evening – this way burglars are more likely to skip your house. For example, choose a fixed time when you switch your lights on and off.

If you use smart security, like the smart wireless smoke- or carbon monoxide detectors from Trust Switch-in, then this socket switch is the perfect addition. Use the switch for example to switch off your central heating boiler when your CO-monitor detects carbon monoxide or switch on a lamp when the alarm of your smoke detector goes off. This way smart security becomes even smarter!

Combine with the Smart Bridge.
The smart plug works in combination with the Smart Bridge. Link the smart plug switch to the Smart Bridge and add it to the Trust Switch-in app and automate your lighting or device with timers and rules.

Wide compatibility.
The smart socket switch works with all lamps and other appliances up to 3500 watts. Installation is very simple: the socket switch blinks – every 4 seconds – and automatically goes into pairing mode when plugged into the socket. Then, in the app, choose the room you want, select the smart outlet switch and press pair. Now you can control your lamp or device simply with your smartphone.

You can also operate this socket switch manually: switch your lamps and other devices on and off by pressing the on/off button on the housing.

From smart solutions to a Smart Home
With the Smart Bridge you lay the foundation for your smart home. Link all your Trust Switch-in products to the Smart Bridge and operate everything – from lighting to electric curtains – with your smartphone or tablet. Or set your own timers, rules and scenes to fully automate your system. For example, the lights go on at night when you’re on holiday and the boiler is switched off when the CO detector detects a carbon monoxide leak.


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Product line

Product type


Transmission range

Geschikt voor

Gloeilampen en 230V halogeen, (Dimbare) LED lampen, (Dimbare) Spaarlampen

Maximaal wattage

3500 Watt

Te bedienen met

ZYCT-202 afstandsbediening, smartphone en tablet (i.c.m. Internet Control Station)


For operation of


Controlling multiple groups of lamps

Works with existing fixed switch

2-way status feedback

Maximum power

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

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