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Timer remote


Timer remote


Operate your lights and appliances remotely and automate them using one or more timers. The remote control can be combined with multiple Trust Switch-in receivers, such as a build-in switch, dimmer or smart plug.

  • Control up to 16 separate lamps and devices
  • Set up to 12 timers to switch lights and devices on and off automatically
  • Set any timer to switch lights and appliances on and off at specific times, for example when you are on holiday.
  • Control multiple lamps and devices with one button
  • Battery operation (average lifespan of 3 years)
  • Transmission range up to 30 metres
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Bring the right atmosphere into your home at the touch of a button! The ATMT-502 remote control lets you switch and dim for the perfect setting of your lights and devices.

Automatic control
With the ATMT-502 remote control you can both manually and automatically control your lighting, electrical appliances, blinds and shutters. This remote control can be combined with all Trust Switch-in build-in modules and plugs (except the ZYCT-202 wall switch).

Simple operation
You can operate a total of 16 Trust Switch-in receivers separately from each other or operate multiple receivers simultaneously per channel. For example, you can switch on the lighting in your living room at dusk with one press of a button.

Switched on time
The remote control with timer has 12 timer programmes. For each timer programme, an on and off time has to be set. There are 3 different switching modes per programme: daily, one-off or switching at a set time. The latter mode is ideal for simulating being at home. The lighting is switched on and off between the times you specify. This will deter unwanted visitors and you will be able to leave the house with an easy mind.

Large range
The remote control’s signal passes through walls, windows and doors and has a range of up to 30 metres indoors. This in combination with the long battery life makes this remote control suitable for every home!

Would you rather set your timers via your smartphone or tablet?
With the Smart Bridge you lay the foundation for your smart home (and garden). Link all your Trust Switch-in products to the Internet Control Station and operate everything – from lighting to electric curtains – via your smartphone or tablet. Or set your own timers, rules and scenes to fully automate your system. For example, the (garden) lights go on at night when you’re on holiday and the central heating boiler is switched off when the CO detector detects a carbon monoxide leak.

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120 x 45 x 20 mm


1x 3V lithium type CR2032 batterij en 1x 12V Alkaline type A23 batterij

Inhoud verpakking

– Afstandsbediening met timer met meegeleverde batterij (CR2032)
– Handleiding


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Transmission range

Controlling multiple groups of lamps

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Works with existing fixed switch

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From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

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