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Mobile wireless doorbell


Mobile wireless doorbell


Get more out of your doorbell with this portable wireless doorbell from Trust Switch-in. Place the doorbell anywhere in your home and combine it with a wireless push button to complete your doorbell system.

The doorbell gives you a choice of six melodies and four volume levels, and even offers the possibility of linking other Trust Switch-in transmitters, such as the motion sensor. This way the doorbell can give you a warning when someone uninvited walks into the garden.

Do you want to provide several doors with a doorbell? No problem, you can effortlessly link several push buttons to your doorbell and provide them with a melody of your choice.

  • Wireless and can be placed anywhere
  • Integrated indicator LEDs to show that the push button is being pressed/the bell is ringing
  • Choice of six selectable melodies and four volume levels
  • Can be combined with one or more Trust Switch-in push buttons
  • Selection of different tones per push button (when using multiple push buttons)
  • Works on batteries (not included)
  • Indicates when the battery is low via an LED
  • Receive a notification on your smartphone (in the free Trust Switch-in Smart Home app) when the doorbell rings or switch off the doorbell when it is evening/nighttime (in combination with the Smart Bridge)
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Are you looking for a doorbell that can be heard everywhere in your house (or even in the garage or shed), then this portable doorbell from Trust Switch-in is the solution. The portable doorbell can be placed anywhere in the house, so that you can always hear the bell and will not miss any visitor. And if you are outside more often in the summer, you can just take this bell into the garden.

Super-fast installation
Installing this doorbell is very easy. Place the batteries in the portable doorbell and glue or screw the waterproof push button (sold separately) to any place you want, for example the front door. Put the doorbell in learning mode with one push of the button, press the push-button and your set is ready to use. Would you like to adjust a melody or the volume of the wireless doorbell? That’s also very easy to do with the buttons on the side.

Expand your smart doorbell system
Expand your doorbell as desired with multiple push buttons or doorbells. This is ideal if you live in a large house or if you want to provide several doors with a push button. When using several push buttons, you can choose to give each push button a different melody. Handy, because then you always know which door you need to be at.

It is also possible to connect other transmitters of Trust Switch-in, for example an outdoor motion sensor, to make your doorbell ring when someone walks into the backyard.

Turn your wireless doorbell into a smart doorbell
Make your wireless doorbell smart with the help of the Internet Control Station. By connecting your bell to this station you will receive a notification on your phone (in the free Trust Switch-in Smart Home app) when the bell rings and you can choose to turn off the sound of the bell at certain times. Ideal when children are sleeping at night.

More than just sound
The wireless portable doorbell is equipped with an LED indicator light. This way, you are always aware when someone is at the door, even if you are hard of hearing or you are vacuuming, for example.


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6,8 x 6,5 x 10,8 cm


2x AA batterij

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Deurbel + handleiding


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Controlling multiple groups of lamps

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Works with existing fixed switch

2-way status feedback

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

From intelligent control to a Smart Home.

Your whole house in one app.

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